Greybark Adventurers' League - A Dungeon World

Cthulhu's Chaotic Complications in Greybark


Yong-Lin the Barbarian
Alex the Bard
Muffle the Thief

Bulletin Points

  • The lumberjacks have found an area within a few days of the mill that seemed sickened. Trees were warped and twisted, and some almost seemed melted. Dire animals in the area seemed extra agitated.
  • Old Cuther, one of the oldest lumberjacks in the area, went missing recently on his last trip into the woods. Cuther’s old lady Agnis would really like his body and possessions back.
  • Reginald the Regal is in town. This mage has been showing off his abilities and powers. He’s especially interested in the river a few days away. Anybody want to go fishing?

Alex gets enchanted by Agnis, Cuther’s widow, while carousing. The others are wanting to head out to take on woods, but finding Cuther gets to become priority. After enchanting both Alex and Muffle, hilarity ensues, but they eventually find where Cuther liked to go. They find him inside a purple worm being worshipped by a couple of people after fighting a bullette. Alex finds out that Agnis is a succubus and that she is working for Syndicate.

Persistent Items
- Cults are messing with Syndicate.
- Agnis the Succubus is still undercover as Agnis the Widow.
- Bartholomew is the Chief Librarian at the Wizard’s Keep and is Alex’s drinking buddy.


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