Greybark Adventurers' League - A Dungeon World

Everyday Calamity

July 11, 2015 afternoon session

Knuckle The Fighter
Sanguinus Oathbreaker
Yong Lin

Persistent Elements

  • The rat plague is real, man! It appears to be some form of Lycanthropy. (Sanguinus)
  • Lycanthropy is not natural to the Greybark forest, and if it rears its head, there‚Äôs something behind it. (Yong Lin)


  • Mathuriel the elf, Walter the halfling, and Seamus the human work at the mill. (Knuckle)
  • The Rat King is loose, last seen fleeing the Greybark Forest. The Great Deity Mahal is interested in seeing his secrets pried from his pointy head. (Tharkun)

Plot Synopsis to follow.



wonkofish wonkofish

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