Greybark Adventurers' League - A Dungeon World

Mischief in Greybark's Underbelly

Sanguinus The Paladin
Dixie The Pixie
Muffle The Thief

In the woods outside Greybark Sanguinus attempted to raise zombies of two knights of his old order. This offended his god and the result was a single stupid zombie named Maximus who seemed to be watching him closely.

Meanwhile, in Greybark, Muffle purchased a cart full of wares and began peddling them while Dixie rode Furgus, her tomcat friend, around. Something spooked the cat and he ran into a warehouse nearby. Dixie gave chase.

Muffle sold some wares to a sketchy looking character but was caught trying to steal from him. A fight broke out and the man was knocked out and his candy stolen. However arrows began to rain down from the surrounding buildings, fired by unseen assassins. Sanguinus dove for cover while Muffle and Dixie worked on getting into the warehouse to save Furgus.

Eventually they all got into the warehouse, after Sanguinus scared away the growing crowd.

Muffle went ahead to scout and found a clandestine meeting in an adjoining room. He introduced himself and tried to get a piece of the action. The action seemed to be silencing the blacksmith because of information he knows about the Greyfarce Syndicate.

Meanwhile, Dixie got bored and snuck off into another room that was hidden by boxes and crates leaving Sanguinus and the zombie alone.

Sanguinus caught the goblin, Doink, coming in through a secret passage with a heavy pack. Sanguinus allowed the goblin into the next room but followed him.

When Sanguinus stormed into the next room he was tripped by Muffle who was trying to impress the criminal’s leader Klina, the wizard. Several scuffles ensued where each side vied for control. Dixie entered the scene with the wand she had found in the basement of the building. She fired it at the criminals gleefully, but was dismayed when it seemed to make them shiny and armoured.

Several more scuffles broke out, some folks got killed, deals were made and promptly broken. The criminals tried to escape and some were stopped. Finally Sanguinus decided that all of this criminality was defying his sensibilities and he arrested everyone.

Muffle found a note after escaping Sanguinus’ ire speaking of the leader of the Syndicate called Greri Maverikk.

Sanguinus deposited the criminals in the town jail.

Dixie rode Furgus into the sunset. (also she stole arm-fulls of candy from a crate)


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