Greybark Adventurers' League - A Dungeon World

The Elder Gods Want You! Or at least your soul, face,....

Yong Lin
Cent Firefoot

Went to Abbadelli
Found he was drained by Vampires, Vampires then attacked Yong-Lin at Fool & Purse.
Elder appeared in Greybark forest and Yong-Lin went to kill him with Cent.
Went to Hobse’ Mill and found that Thonda, a dwarven lumberjack had gotten a hold of pages that adventurers had burnt at Elder’s Hut
Found Elder and killed him only to find that Thonda had been warped by pages and they had mutated him and were now stuck permanently on him.
Players defeated danger and Yong-Lin was in possession of Pages of the Elder’s Tome.

Persistent Items
- Cent – Vampires are a thing and are acting with someone.
- Yong-Lin – Pages are a thing and are important.


wonkofish mistken

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