Greybark Adventurers' League - A Dungeon World

To the Pillar

Dixie the Pixie
Ishmael the Wizard
Lily the Paladin
Lazariel the Barbarian

The heroes were approached by Brilde the bouncer from the Fool and Purse with a mission. She had been handed a note and was passing it on to heroes. A woman named Mary had her husband kidnapped. The heroes took the case.

They went to speak to Mary who thought they were cultists coming to get her too. She tried to escape but the heroes stopped her. She had some sort of scary chilling death powers. After a brief struggle everyone worked out what was going on.

Back in her house Dixie found a shrine to “The Mother of Graves” in her basement which spoke to her. Apparently Mary and her husband Edmund were high-level priests of that god. After breaking Mary’s jars of pickles and vexing her greatly, the heroes embarked on a quest to The Pillar a site of ancient power where Edmund had been taken.

On the way the heroes encountered some poachers in the woods who had captured a Dire Yak. There was a heated exchange and some pamphlets to Lumotar were offered by Lily. The poachers eventually tried to escape, but Lily gave chase, Lazariel and Ishmael cut down the stragglers while Dixie cut the great beast free.

Lily trained some Diretooth Tigers back to camp who seemed more interested in the Yak’s safety than in kiliing the heroes. The cats and the yak escaped into the woods and the heroes got some well needed shut-eye.

In the night Ishmael got a vision of Elondra who told him to get their butts in gear. Tiredly they all left immediately for The Pillar.

When they got to the great broken Greybark tree Lazariel fell into the deep ravine that surrounds the base. Scuffed but undeterred he ventured forth while the others scrambled down. They encountered a terrible Blood Golem there which first engulfed Lily and Ishmael and battered Lazariel around. They overcame the beast while Dixie and Lily convinced a nearby cultist to give up his wicked god in exchange for Lumotar, the just. He agreed and scampered off into the forest.

The heroes made their way into the mighty stump-tower to rescue Edmund. They fought their way up the narrow staircase to a ritual chamber where they were beset by cultist who had been turned into fell vampire spawn and a cultist who seemed responsible. The heroes weren’t faring too well, Dixie was petrified by a spell and the others were gnawed upon by vampires. Finally Ishmael decided to do an impromptu ritual in this chamber and was asked to sacrifice something important in order to save his friends. He chose his leg. He passed out and traveled to the nether realm to present his offering to the blood goddess. She happily took it, but meanwhile, in the real world, Dixie asked Edmund to intervene in the ritual. The goddess Elondra, or The Mother of Graves appeared in Ishmael’s vision and battled the Red Mistress, Kruv. From the heroes perspective the body of Ishmael disappeared.

The heroes returned to Greybark triumphant but saddened that Ishmael had disappeared. They laid his items on the shrine in town and carried on.

Some time later, Ishmael awoke shivering in a field. Legless, but with a story to tell.


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