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July 8, 2015
Journey to the Highwall Peaks

Journey to the Highwall Peaks PCs
Taeros the Druid
Yong-Lin the Barbarian
Willem the Bard

Yong-Lin after discussing with the smiths and wizards, found that she needed to obtain elemental air infused Greybark heartwood. Remembering her journey back from her homelands that she saw the Highwall Peaks. A series of plateaus jutting above the forest and dominated by Elder Greybarks. It was a week out from Greybark village and would be a long walk through the forest. She recruited Taeros and Willem, newly arrived to Greybark, to accompany her. They told Hobbes from the mill that they would give him some heartwood in exchange for some coin and the equipment to get it.

On their fourth day through the Greybark forest, they began encountering signs of diseased trees and the ground around them dying. They were attacked by two air elementals that attacked them as they neared the Highwall Peaks and attempted to keep them back. Yong-Lin found that she remembered wind chimes being used to keep Air Elementals happy. She brought them out and used them to communicate to the Air Elementals along with Taeros’ help. They were not allowed into the forest, but were told that if they could eliminate the source of the disease, they’d be allowed in.

Taeros summoned the spirit of the Raven Lord and got a messenger in the form of a diseased raven. It led them to a cave in the woods, with two trees literally melting from the disease. The air elementals had paced them to this location and when the diseased raven was dismissed after leaving, the air elementals killed it and one charged out to attack. The players ran to the cave and the air elemental stopped not wanting to get close to the corruption.

The players began nearing the dark cave but were repulsed by the smell of pestilence coming off of it. Willem reeled from it remembering being in a hospital and seeing a boy brought in that had been bitten by cancer bats. The boy had reeked of the same smell and been covered by blisters, growths, and boils. Willem remembered the doctors saying that alcohol had driven away the bats. He began dumping a bottle of liquor on himself while trying to explain the story.

Yong-Lin turned around and got bit by four bats flying out of the cave. The wounds immediately began bubbling up with disease and she became sickened. The bats were driven back by Taeros and Yong-Lin dumped alcohol on themselves. They entered the cave and the alcohol drove away the cancer bats. Taeros heard the bats whispering above him talking about the Darkness That Lays Beyond and the Darkness At The End. They got to the back of the cave and found a crack that led into an elvish ruin that was leaking corruption and corrupting the bats.

It seemed that the elvish ruin beyond was being used to hold something in place and red eyes looked down from the shadows being cast from the ceiling. The players left and filled in the crack with pieces of rubble and engraved new symbols of warding to stop the darkness beyond. They went outside the cave and met the Air Elemental that had chased them. It asked what they had done and could feel a change. Taeros told them and then asked if they could kill the bats. They summoned more air elementals and then gave the characters a boon that would guide them to an Elder Greybark in the Highwall Peaks. The elemental formed a dreamcatcher type object that they needed to carry with them to receive the boon.

The group reached the Elder Greybark tree and were able to ask it for a piece of it’s heartwood. It agreed as long as the wood would be used in defense of the forest. The characters thank the tree and managed to get back to Greybark without trouble.

Persistent Elements:
Darkness in the Elven Tomb – What is it? Taeros and Yong-Lin have vowed to come back and kill it.
Cancer Bats- They were corrupted and could have bred in other places and diseased the forest. This could be a problem that never ends.
Favor of the Elementals – This group earned a boon with the elementals to guide them within a day or two of the Highwall Peaks.

July 5, 2015
Tomfoolery under the Towering Greybarks

Dixie The Pixie
Hubert The Wizard
Sanguinus The Paladin
Taeros Snowstrider The Druid
Wheston Karver The Barbarian

Established facts:
NPC Fergus the Tom Cat in Greybark VIllage, rules the alleys and cellars around the Fool and Purse, and is a friend to Dixie the Pixie.

Titanus, the Albus Templar and former mentor of Sanguinus, is dead by Sanguinus’ hand. A templar lived to see it done and tell the tale.

Deities – Elondra has noticed the Red Mistress and the Red Mistress has noticed Elondra.

Location: The Tranquil Glade was one of many Sacrificial Sites for the Karvers throughout the Greybark Forest.

The Tranquil Glade was desecrated by dark powers, but has been reclaimed for the spirits of the North by Taeros Snowstrider

Plot Synopsis
p. The party set out to find the Suicide Glade, listed as The Tranquil Glade, to claim a boon promised to Hubert by the spirits therein. He needed bodies, and Sanguinus was able to lure the Albus Knights after them. Taeros joined along to see the glade and learn what he could of it. Dixie and Wheston were suffering from cabin fever and needed to find something to push back the boredom.

The glade was a charred ruin, soot and ash covering the field and the cabin was nothing but a rubble heap collapsed in on its foundation. Upon seeing the glade through the eyes of an owl, Taeros saw the land littered with the corpses of spirit ravens, blending into the ash fall.

As Dixie and Wheston searched the lake, Sanguinus investigated the graves, and Hubert watched them poke around. After teaching a trout not to strike at pixies, Dixie and Wheston were set upon by chuul. Sanguinus rushed to their aid, as did Taeros,, while Hubert went about the raising of the dead elves left behind by a previous group.

While fending off the chuul, the Allbus Templars arrived, led by Titanus, Sanguinus’ mentor. Titanus challenged him, and Sanguinus rushed to meet him in single combat, leaving Taeros alone with the chuul at the shore’s edge. Hubert had an elven child raised, and sent him loping into the chuul, to lead them toward the templars.

Dixie mounted a chuul, riding it out of harms way, and where it could not harm Wheston. At the far shore, she mesmerized it and, with brief experimentation, lucked upon a series of clicks and whistles that drove it to flee into the depths. She returned to Wheston, who had just dispatched one monster, and prevailed upon his mercy; she drove away the final chuul standing against him. Wheston rushed to engage the templars, who remained behind to watch their leader punish Sanguinus before his execution.

Hubert reanimated the boy’s sister, her corpse leapt to its feet and glanced questions at him while the death mole scampered about her. Hubert directed her toward the templars, and turned to the remaining corpse; their mother. His rite was initially unsuccessful, however, and Eron the Elven hunter rose behind him, unleashing an arrow in fury at watching the further disturbance of his wife and children. Hubert was not the enemy Eron expected, and when Hubert offered him the death mole, Squiggee, Eron was perplexed. Moments later, his soul was drawn into the fiendish rodent, and his body collapsed once more.

Taeros found himself alone against two chuul, and they began to drag him into the depths. Knowing his end was near, he summoned the spirits into him, and through his totem, and drove it into the murky lake bottom, calling to mind the rituals his shamans used to cleanse the lands up north. A while plume billowed through the totem, and as it bubbled to the lake’s surface, great rings of smoke burst free.

While Taeros was in desparate combat against two chuul, the elven child lured one toward Sanguinus’ desperate battle with Titanus. The master had the student on his ass and unarmed, and was taunting his failures; and then the elven boy child attacked. The chuul grabbed his shield and tried to pry it free, while the boy leapt at him, tying up his arm. Sanguinus slid inside his guard and drew his blade along the old man’s throat and dropping him into the grass.

Wheston bellowed out his challenge to the templars, and was met with scorn. But the final elven child, an adolescent girl, leapt upon one and dragged him from his saddle, drawing all their attention to his struggle. Wheston took advantage of their distraction and stole one’s horse, knocking him from the saddle. Wheston rode him down with his own horse.

Dixie flew to Taeros’ aide, almost giving her own life in her desperate attempt to drive the chuul away to safety. While grasped in its claws, she chittered her best mimcry of the sounds that had seemed to have such great affect. In her chittering, Taeros came to understand the chuuls’ reaction, as Dixie imitated the scratchings of a parasitic mite that burrowed into crustaceans up north. Taeros guided her and together they scared off the remaining foes, leaving them alive and unsated..

Taeros took up his totem, and went about the cleansing of the glade. Meanwhile Hubert released the elves and demanded his due from the spirits that had promised him a boon. A cold wind swept across the glade, and his pack burst aflame. He threw it to the ground, beating out the flames, and reiterated his demand. After a pregnant silence, Titanus’ corpse arose and approached, an offering from the spirits of the glade.

Sanguinus would not be denied his vengeance, and took Titanus’ head cleanly from his corpse, letting it fall in the grass. As it continued to work its jaw, Sanguinus walked off, leaving the mad old necromancer to his magics.

Hbert fed Titanus’ soul to the death mole, packed up his bags, and wandered north toward Greybark Village.

Taeros had seen enough…. "Soul thief,,,,: he looked once more over the glade, now bathed in the billowing white plumes of his purifying smoke, and headed after his companions.

July 4, 2015
Looking for adventure / In whatever comes our way!

Cent the Thief
Edhelur The Bard
Ievos The Ranger
Yong Lin The Barbarian

Established facts:
NPC Kibilnarg the dwarven forgemaster, can learn from examining a magical greybark weapon, such as Acero’s Twisted Bo Staff, and could possibly craft weapons for characters after sufficient study.

Bestiary – Bitey-Squeezey is in the Greybark and does not belong here. The handprints of devoted goblins feed the snake’s immortality.

Location: Freehold of Masonburg, across the ocean, is home to the Serrated Claw, a guild of assassins to which Cent belongs.

Relic – Oath Forger belonged to a Dwarven king and would be greatly desired by his descendants.

Plot Synopsis
p. The party set out to find Acero The Elementalist, who arrived in Greybark Village carrying a mysterious, magical bo staff. She had shared it with the Wizards briefly for their study, but became frustrated by them. She took the staff, and left the village immediately upon hearing of Deep Roots. She left alone, weeks ago, and has not been heard from since.

The party went out in search of Acero, heading toward Deep Roots. On the way, they were stuck in a ravine during a flash flood, and survived by ripping a lattice of greybark roots from the ravine wall, clinging to it to keep their heads above water and to shelter from the dangerous debris carried on the torrential flow of water.

Immediately after the waters began to recede, and as they began to climb free of the lattice, they observed Bitey-Squeezey making her way through the ravine, hunting prey that had been caught in the flood.

They inflicted great damage, and killed Bitey-Squeezey, but were startled to see her dead body begin to regenerate. Additional damage only slowed it, and no immediate solution to end her existence was apparent.

The party noticed weird protrusions beneath her flesh, indicating something swalloed and stuck in her craw.

The party recovered Acero’s bo staff, and also found Oath Forger and the Oath Tribute.

Ievos and Cent requested 60 Coin from Yong Lin for their share of the Oath Tribute.

Cent expects he is owed 50 Coin from Edhelur for his share of the Oath Forger.

Yong Lin and Edhelur want to find Dwarves to return the Oath Tribute to, and Edhelur alone knows what Oath Forger really is.

Still on the Hunt

I’ve come to Greybark to find my lost ring, but I still have yet to find out who currently holds it or where it was last seen. At this point I have put the ring in the side of my mind and decided to focus on other endeavors instead. For instance, I talked to the local smithy about changing the design of my Crossed Pike into such a way that when thrown it would use its momentum to shift its direction back to me.

That was when he told me about what kind of material he would need and it just so happened that the staff Ievos had to search for was the same material that I needed so I decided to travel with him to locate this particular staff.

As luck would have it, on the way to its supposed location, we stumbled onto a ravine we had to cross. If that wasn’t enough, a threat of a flood loomed over us and we had to act quickly lest we lose our lives. Thankfully with a keen eye from Cent, I pulled out some of the root embankments on the walls to create a sort of net that would protect us from the rushing flood.

It was a rough time, but we managed to save ourselves from the flood, but we weren’t alone. A predator from a foreign land swam through the river and devoured an unfortunate fauna that lost its life in the flood. Ievos wished to speak with it to let us pass, but I saw it as an opportunity to complete my rite of passage into becoming an proper hunter.

The battle was tough, but I managed to mount the massive python and take it down with a few helpful blows from my allies. Turns out that the staff we were looking for had been devoured by this snake, amongst some other things such as a set of ancient Dwarven jewels that had runes inscribed on it and some kind of mace that Ed wanted to show the smithy. Perhaps it has some importance to Dwarves?

Since these jewels are ancient and have been inside that snake for who knows how long, I think I could get a higher profit by returning them where they belong rather than to the local market.

Dead Dwarves Tell No Tales

The adventurers Bori the dwarf, Dixie the pixie, Yong Lin the barbarian, and Ievos the ranger left Greybark in search of a helmet of great power.

They were hired by the retired orc general Akrash to find her helmet in the tomb of a long dead Dwarf general, Dain. Ievos was promised information about the location of a magical bow that he had dreamt of.

The party travelled to the Dwarven Lowlands where the Dwarven dead are buried in great underground tombs in the rolling hills.

They encountered a small party of Dwarves, led by Thimil, the current general of the dwarf army who was there to pay homage to general Dain. He took exception to the idea of grave robbing, (especially by Bori who is an hourcast in this land) but his party was quickly disabled by the adventurers and he was led into the tomb with them.

Inside the tomb they found signs of desecration by orcs. Dixie picked up some strategically placed Orkenstones which unleashed a magical trap designed to reanimate the bones of the long dead dwarves.

A long, dangerous battle ensued with the skeletal dwarves, but the party was triumphant when Dixie returned the Orkenstones to their original position and spoke the words: Pauzul, Pafund, Kalkan, Shakutarbik, Dru, Mat over each one respectively.

They made their way to the main burial chamber where Dain was buried only to find the Orc responsible. She appeared to be a shaman bent on taking the helmet for her own use. The party quickly dispatched the unprepared, inept shaman and strode triumphantly back to Greybark.

Before they left, Dixie grabbed the Orkenstones, and quickly escaped before re-sealing the tomb.

General Thimil gave Bori a tablet inscribed with an invitation to have his exile be appealed.

July 1, 2015 - Punch Drunk


Brinton The Cleric
Ignus The Immolator
Knuckle The Fighter
Taeros The Druid

Established facts:
NPC Kibilnarg the dwarven forgemaster
Place – The Tranquil Glade
Bestiary – Hill Giants, Spectre, Spirit Ravens

After a hard night drinking, the party wandered out into the Greybark Forest in the middle of the night. They had all wagered that Knuckle could punch an undead elf, and stood to earn 50 coin a piece.

Taeros took the lead, with spirit ravens leading him to meet The Mother of Graves, who would surely know of an undead elf. On the way, the group was surprised by a crew of drunken hill giants intent on eating them.

After ferocious combat, Brinton found himself broken and dying, and called upon his divine powers. His attempts at healing himself were mediocre, and attracted a horde of Dire Bats, which saw him as an easy meal and set to him.

Taeros transformed into a dire Tundra wolf, and called upon the Dire Wolves of the nearby forest to come to their aide. Their howling set the bats on edge, and Ignus laid into them with flaming death. They fled, leaving Brinton on the verge of death; but not before one snagged Knuckle and took him off for a private meal.

Knuckle was carried a short way before punching his way to freedom, and being dropped among the responding wolves. When his diplomacy failed, Taeros was able to smooth things over, and offered the wolves the hill giatns’ remains.

While Brinton confucted last rites on the giants, Taeros saw the spirit of Elondra in his Grave Shield, and upon realizing she was about, resumed his corvid form and opened himself to the secrets of the spirits. He spoke with Elondra, and upon realizing this Brinton called out to her (establishing that she is indeed The Mother of Graves).

Elondra agreed to guide them to a nearby restless elf, that they may bring him peace. Knuckle bristled at doing the work of the gods, but had punching on his mind.

The group arrived at the Tranquil Glade, and discovered it haunted by the spectre of an elven archer. As they approached, the very terrain rose against them. Knuckle and Taeros were able to rush across and destroy him, while Brinton held him at bay with the power of The Mother of Graves. This power also provoked three zombies, an elven woman and two elven adolescents, who had been zombies some several years. Ignus brought the hell fires down on the glade, and held them at bay while Brinton entered the cabin.

While Knuckle and Taeros turned their backs on the destruction of the remains of the helpless, Brinton dispatched them with cold, mercenary mercy before re-interring them in the graves from which they had risen. Ignus fed the glade to his flames.

Brinton tool one more moment with the remains of the spectre, in an attempt to learn how he had arisen. He learned the man and his family loved their little glade, until a dread disease took his wife and children. In his despair, he took his own life. He was surprised to rise once more, and through his grief and shock, heard the scratching from the graves of his beloved ones. He freed them from the earth, to find them mindless, and ravenous.

He locked them in the cabin, and waited. And waited. And hated….

June 28, 2015

Andrew (GM)
Ben (Hubert The Wizard)
Jacob (Ievos The Ranger, w/ Wyn The Dire Wolf)
Michael (Knuckle The Fighter)
Star (Polly The Druid)
Victoria (Cerena’i The Wizard)

Down Time:
Ceraen’i Shadowmoor:
Cerane’i asked around Graybark Village to find any clues on her dead husband’s lost treasure. She learned that the family consigliere was seen heading out of town with a wagon right before the family was killed, and not using the road.

Hubert really wants to raise the dead. No real purpose – just wants to see if it can be done. His research has led him to seek out the heartwood of an ancient Graybark. As luck would have it, Ievos has a magic compass that could lead him right there.

Ievos & Wyn:
Ievos sought to nurture and tame his captive dire batlings. The blood he had stored to feed them must have turned at some point, and Drogon took ill. He let Hubert know of Drogon’s illness, and Hubert led him to the Wizard’s library, where they discovered that ancient Graybark sap might have curative powers.

Knuckle spent his time tracking down a Diretooth Cat. He wanted to punch it.

Polly spied upon the bandit camp to learn more about Ulfred, the Princess-in-hiding. She observed Ulfred slip out of camp and head into the graybarks. Once in privacy, Ulfred chased down a deer and ate it. Polly believes she consumed the deer’s spirit, explaining

More to come….

Adventures in Greybark

Sal the Bard is a quick witted poetic and androgynous minstrel who travels the land in search of adventurers worthy of song and praise.
- Recently given an ancient book filled with an unknown language and pictures of (long dead?) people. One of whom bears a striking resemblance to Wheston Karver.
- The book was given to Sal by Mistress Pontificance of The Knotty Bloomers who asked them to keep the book safe.
Wheston the Barbarian a brooding man who raised himself in the wild.
- Karvers are originally from this side of the world – mountains down south.
- Wheston left the eastern lands to return to the land of his ancestors because the east was becoming too “civilized”.

After following a parrot into the woods Sal and Wheston flee from dire sabretooth cats return to Greybark in the evening only to find the streets strangely quiet. They go to the Fool and Purse for some dinner and find that it too is all but empty.

They learn that there were some strange people in the bar asking about something they had lost. They ask around and find that it was a book. They suspect that it was Sal’s book. The strange people said that if the book was found it should be returned to them at the stables near the outskirts of town.

Sal and Wheston leave the bar to investigate only to be accosted by these strange cloaked people. Sal remembers a secret headquarters of a Greybark bootlegging operation in a nearby alley. They escape to the (relative) safety of the bootleggers. They convince the bootleggers to hold on to the book for safekeeping, no questions asked. The Wizard bootlegger gives them some invisibility potions to escape, but Sal can’t help but try to steal the book back before leaving. They’re caught because the Wizard can see through his own enchantment. There is a tussle, the door to the den is opened to let the cloaked men in, Wheston is nearly fatally stabbed in the gut, a huge fire is started, and Sal and Wheston escape into the sewers.

They drag themselves out of the putrid tunnels, still alive, and disappear into the night hoping to fin out more about why they were attacked.

Stoned Lumberjacks and a Hidden God
June 29 2015

Adventurers Involved:
Yong Lin
Muffle, The Thief
Alex the Bard

The adventurers were sitting in the Fool and Purse one afternoon listening to Alex’ performance. It was interrupted by Hobbes, the Mill master, coming into the tavern. He walked up and negotiated a deal with the group to head out and solve what was turning his workers into stone.

The group found 3 halflings stoned with their cutting equipment. Alex, with his knowledge of beasts, determined that no beast did this. Their study of the halflings was broken up by an ambush by a group of Diretooth Tigers. The group fought off three of the tigers and the last one ran but was soon found by the group. It told them that it had worried the “Dread Ones” had come back to the forest and told them where they were. The group went with the tiger and it began leading them to the location of these. On the way, the group found two more stoned lumberjacks, these were studied and it was determined that the enchantment or sorcery came from a bracelet and a necklace with trinkets dedicated to Althariel.

Heading further into the forest, the group found the Elder’s Hut and saw the elder there directing the Shoggoth around the fire. Ievos called out for the elder to stop his works, but the old man just laughed and told them they would have to kill his pet first. The Shoggoth threw itself into combat with the group and after a hard fought battle, they managed to beat the beast and convince the elder to reverse his spell. Muffle the halfling quickly slew the old man, but the group still had the old man’s magical artifacts (a staff and a book). This caused a disagreement and almost a deadly fight, but they were burnt before the group headed back to Greybark.

June 20, 2015

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