Greybark Adventurers' League - A Dungeon World

June 28, 2015

Andrew (GM)
Ben (Hubert The Wizard)
Jacob (Ievos The Ranger, w/ Wyn The Dire Wolf)
Michael (Knuckle The Fighter)
Star (Polly The Druid)
Victoria (Cerena’i The Wizard)

Down Time:
Ceraen’i Shadowmoor:
Cerane’i asked around Graybark Village to find any clues on her dead husband’s lost treasure. She learned that the family consigliere was seen heading out of town with a wagon right before the family was killed, and not using the road.

Hubert really wants to raise the dead. No real purpose – just wants to see if it can be done. His research has led him to seek out the heartwood of an ancient Graybark. As luck would have it, Ievos has a magic compass that could lead him right there.

Ievos & Wyn:
Ievos sought to nurture and tame his captive dire batlings. The blood he had stored to feed them must have turned at some point, and Drogon took ill. He let Hubert know of Drogon’s illness, and Hubert led him to the Wizard’s library, where they discovered that ancient Graybark sap might have curative powers.

Knuckle spent his time tracking down a Diretooth Cat. He wanted to punch it.

Polly spied upon the bandit camp to learn more about Ulfred, the Princess-in-hiding. She observed Ulfred slip out of camp and head into the graybarks. Once in privacy, Ulfred chased down a deer and ate it. Polly believes she consumed the deer’s spirit, explaining

More to come….

Adventures in Greybark

Sal the Bard is a quick witted poetic and androgynous minstrel who travels the land in search of adventurers worthy of song and praise.
- Recently given an ancient book filled with an unknown language and pictures of (long dead?) people. One of whom bears a striking resemblance to Wheston Karver.
- The book was given to Sal by Mistress Pontificance of The Knotty Bloomers who asked them to keep the book safe.
Wheston the Barbarian a brooding man who raised himself in the wild.
- Karvers are originally from this side of the world – mountains down south.
- Wheston left the eastern lands to return to the land of his ancestors because the east was becoming too “civilized”.

After following a parrot into the woods Sal and Wheston flee from dire sabretooth cats return to Greybark in the evening only to find the streets strangely quiet. They go to the Fool and Purse for some dinner and find that it too is all but empty.

They learn that there were some strange people in the bar asking about something they had lost. They ask around and find that it was a book. They suspect that it was Sal’s book. The strange people said that if the book was found it should be returned to them at the stables near the outskirts of town.

Sal and Wheston leave the bar to investigate only to be accosted by these strange cloaked people. Sal remembers a secret headquarters of a Greybark bootlegging operation in a nearby alley. They escape to the (relative) safety of the bootleggers. They convince the bootleggers to hold on to the book for safekeeping, no questions asked. The Wizard bootlegger gives them some invisibility potions to escape, but Sal can’t help but try to steal the book back before leaving. They’re caught because the Wizard can see through his own enchantment. There is a tussle, the door to the den is opened to let the cloaked men in, Wheston is nearly fatally stabbed in the gut, a huge fire is started, and Sal and Wheston escape into the sewers.

They drag themselves out of the putrid tunnels, still alive, and disappear into the night hoping to fin out more about why they were attacked.

Stoned Lumberjacks and a Hidden God
June 29 2015

Adventurers Involved:
Yong Lin
Muffle, The Thief
Alex the Bard

The adventurers were sitting in the Fool and Purse one afternoon listening to Alex’ performance. It was interrupted by Hobbes, the Mill master, coming into the tavern. He walked up and negotiated a deal with the group to head out and solve what was turning his workers into stone.

The group found 3 halflings stoned with their cutting equipment. Alex, with his knowledge of beasts, determined that no beast did this. Their study of the halflings was broken up by an ambush by a group of Diretooth Tigers. The group fought off three of the tigers and the last one ran but was soon found by the group. It told them that it had worried the “Dread Ones” had come back to the forest and told them where they were. The group went with the tiger and it began leading them to the location of these. On the way, the group found two more stoned lumberjacks, these were studied and it was determined that the enchantment or sorcery came from a bracelet and a necklace with trinkets dedicated to Althariel.

Heading further into the forest, the group found the Elder’s Hut and saw the elder there directing the Shoggoth around the fire. Ievos called out for the elder to stop his works, but the old man just laughed and told them they would have to kill his pet first. The Shoggoth threw itself into combat with the group and after a hard fought battle, they managed to beat the beast and convince the elder to reverse his spell. Muffle the halfling quickly slew the old man, but the group still had the old man’s magical artifacts (a staff and a book). This caused a disagreement and almost a deadly fight, but they were burnt before the group headed back to Greybark.

June 20, 2015
June 12, 2015
In search of the perfect Orchid....

Andrew F. (GM)
Ben B. (Hubert The Wizard)
Jacob L. (Ievos The Ranger, w/ Wyn The Dire Wolf)
Star S. (Polly The Druid)


  • 100+ years old, academic from main land.
  • On sabbatical to study necromantic ritual he found in library, just because it is there to study.
  • Is helping with a ritual to treat saws and equipment to better process graybark timber.
  • Has been tasted by a Dire Bat in the Graybark Forest. Does the bat want more?
  • Has befriended a pet Death Mole (below), which has bonded particularly with his left hand.
  • What is this significance?
  • Has learned that his unseen servants are unique, and that the death mole can consume them. Are these the spirits of former mages, bound in death to serve the living?


  • born an elf, but identifies as a parrot.
  • willingly serves as Hubert’s ‘familiar’ – Hubert hasn’t quite noticed even though he has seen * * Polly in various forms, he hasn’t noticed the transition.
    can revert to parrot or elf form upon exhaustion of hold, or switch between the two at will.
  • is looking for druid friend Esmerelda, who identifies as a monkey and captured by wizards of Hubert’s university for use as a lab animal.
  • Knows (or suspects?) that the wizard order is Up To Something in the Graybark Forest.
  • Believes in preserving balance to nature and leaving no footprints.
  • How will she react to necromantic rituals and death moles if that becomes an issue with Hubert?

Ievos & Wyn:

  • Carries a fine elven bow, in family for generations.
  • Fought a female Dire Wolf in Graybark, and is well known for surviving. Took its eye… did it survive?
  • Rides Wyn, Dire Wolf, into battle.
  • Respects nature, but brooks no fools; will punish predators for thinking him prey.
  • Concerned that the Death Moles in particular are a foreboding omen, and convinced that Wyn senses something too.
  • Has three baby dire bats, rescued from nest; they have bonded with Wyn.

Graybark Forest – towering trees with iron-like wood. Home to many varieties of dire creatures (including Dire variants) that stalk the wood. Rumor is these are the gods’ own protectors of the sacred wood.

Indigo Jungle – far away, home to another kind of elf. Language there is a strange dialect to elves near Graybark.

Elondra’s Orchids grow in the Graybark Forest, in places where death gathers outside the light of the sun. In this case, at the bottom of a cliff, beneath the barrow of an assassin vine. These sapphire blue orchids are run through with deep violet marbling, and are named after Elondra.

  1. How are the Orchids used in necromantic rituals?
  2. Why do they smell of ozone when used in magical ritual?

Dire Bats swarm in small groups, seeking easy prey. Tend to gather small trinkets. One has tasted Hubert and lived.

Assassin Vines attack the unwary traveller. Highly susceptible to fire.

Death Moles have no signs of life, except that they wiggle and run around, can be quite playful, and bond quickly to individuals. Curiously, they seem to feed off of spiritual energies.

  1. How are these moles tied to spirits/death?
  2. Are they dangerous?
  3. How can they be used?

Tiny, a bandit leader, camped a few miles outside of the Village of Graybark.
Instinct: (redacted – time will tell)
Knack: (redacted – time will tell)

  1. (redacted – time will tell)
  2. (redacted – time will tell)

Ulfred, a princess in disguise. She is in hiding among the bandits. She is the daughter of Seawich royalty. her mother was a student of Hubert, and they had a chance encounter in the Graybark Forest, to their mutual surprise.
Instinct: (redacted – time will tell)
Knack: stunning looks

  1. What does Ulfred seek to devour?
  2. Is Seawich the human capital across the sea?
  3. Is Ironcurl a colony of Seawich still, or an independent trade partner?

Elondra, She-Who-Walks-the-Cold-Halls; She-Who-Welcomes-Us-Home. An elven deity associated with death. A grim reaper aspect, she guides the lost souls to rest.

Items of interest:
Graybark Compass, a small handheld compass that seems to point toward the nearest elder Graybark trees. Looted from Tiny.

  1. What is special about “elder” trees?
  2. How does the compass distinguish them?
  3. What is the compass’ range?
  4. What use was it to the bandits?
  5. Does Tiny want it back?
June 7, 2015
Don't ask what's in the box!

Andrew F (Tyrrah)
Ben B (Corrin Bannister)
Brian H (GM)
Isaac P (Ochre)
Ryan N (Vinny Vincetti)
Star S (Sal)

Our story begins with the heroes escorting a caravan along the well-travelled route from Ironcurl, a busy seaport, to Graybark, the regional capital. They’ve been paid a little too well for a job that’s a little too easy. After arriving in Daggerdown with the intention of spending the night, things get crazy at the crowded inn. The Elf Fighter Ochre goes to check on their cargo, and it disappears in magical darkness. The thump he hears is one of the other guards falling, gravely injured.

Sal (the Sexually Confused), the party’s Bard-in-Residence, halts her stunning lute performance, and s/he, Tyrrah the Paladin and Vinny Vincetti (whaddayoulookinat?) run to assist Ochre (who notified the patrons and inn employees by ramming his spear through a wall and yelling through the hole).

Tyrrah is able to stablize the guard, and Sal, via her Planar Spheres knowledge, feels “a disturbance in the force” to the southeast. The party heads out in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, the intrepid (paranoid?) Ranger Corrin and his companion Nightbreeze are getting the lay of the land. After picking a spot to spy on the dried mud tracks he found outside the inn, he realizes the inn has gone totally silent. Nightbreeze does a quick recon, and then flushes something out of the grass.

As the party arrives on the scene, an imp runs out of the darkness, flailing his arms and trying to avoid the owl. Corrin and Ochre hold the imp hostage, who under extreme duress admits that the cart they seek is nearby.

  1. Where did this imp come from?
  2. Where’s the cart?
  3. Who whacked Levi?
  4. What is Vinny going to tell his cousin Chad about the cargo he lost?

Tune in next time and find out!

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