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  • Elondra

    _She-Who-Walks-the-Cold-Halls_; _She-Who-Welcomes-Us-Home_. An elven deity associated with death. A grim reaper aspect, she guides the lost souls to rest. Elondra now knows of [[The Scarlet Mistress]], and the MIstress knows of Elondra.

  • The pantheon of Oerde

    [[Afariel or Althariel]] [[Elondra | Elondra]] [[The Adversary]] [[The Mother of Graves]] [[The Red Mistress]] [[Lumotar]]

  • The Mother of Graves

    The Mother of Graves, human goddess of life, death, and the transition of souls between and beyond both points. [[File:475353 | class=media-item-align-left | 300x300px | pharasma_by_butterfrog_1_.jpg]]

  • Albus Knights

    * Follow a blood god called "The Red Mistress". - Goddess of Warfare and Blood. - Requires blood sacrifice * Knights overthrew a beloved and peaceful king. * Strict tenets include celibacy and rejection of material things.

  • The Red Mistress

    Goddess of blood, war, and sacrifice. * Worshipped by the Albus Knights across the sea * Being invoked by a strange cult in Greybark

  • The Spirits of the North

    Far to the north the Elves of the Spirit Drifts worship great spirits, whom they believe to be the singular representatives of mother nature and all her aspects. Then from the Spirits are descended the animals, all ravens being children of Raven the …