Greybark Adventurers' League - A Dungeon World

Don't get any on ya!
August 12, 2015


Humble the thief
Knuckle, The Fighter
Taeros Snowstrider, The Druid

Persistent Elements:

Taeros – Dopplegangers are a problem in the region

Humble – The Church of Elondra is a burned out husk

Edhelur – nothing

Knuckle – Doppleganger is a dwarven stout, with a surprisingly crisp and light apple finish.

The Madness at the Heart of Greybark Forest



Investigated diseased dire bears attacking lumberjacks.
Found that lumberjack machines were using corrupting magic that polluted the land.
Sabotaged machines and sent back to Institute for refund/exchange.

Persistent Items:
Persistent Item – Corruption magic is used to weaken greybark trees.
Persistent Item – Lumberjacks know items can be faulty or evil that wizards give them.
Persistent Item – Released bound elementals from Wizard’s Keep.
Persistent Item – The Institute’s Interns, expendable, and turnable.

Cthulhu's Chaotic Complications in Greybark

Yong-Lin the Barbarian
Alex the Bard
Muffle the Thief

Bulletin Points

  • The lumberjacks have found an area within a few days of the mill that seemed sickened. Trees were warped and twisted, and some almost seemed melted. Dire animals in the area seemed extra agitated.
  • Old Cuther, one of the oldest lumberjacks in the area, went missing recently on his last trip into the woods. Cuther’s old lady Agnis would really like his body and possessions back.
  • Reginald the Regal is in town. This mage has been showing off his abilities and powers. He’s especially interested in the river a few days away. Anybody want to go fishing?

Alex gets enchanted by Agnis, Cuther’s widow, while carousing. The others are wanting to head out to take on woods, but finding Cuther gets to become priority. After enchanting both Alex and Muffle, hilarity ensues, but they eventually find where Cuther liked to go. They find him inside a purple worm being worshipped by a couple of people after fighting a bullette. Alex finds out that Agnis is a succubus and that she is working for Syndicate.

Persistent Items
- Cults are messing with Syndicate.
- Agnis the Succubus is still undercover as Agnis the Widow.
- Bartholomew is the Chief Librarian at the Wizard’s Keep and is Alex’s drinking buddy.

The Elder Gods Want You! Or at least your soul, face,....

Yong Lin
Cent Firefoot

Went to Abbadelli
Found he was drained by Vampires, Vampires then attacked Yong-Lin at Fool & Purse.
Elder appeared in Greybark forest and Yong-Lin went to kill him with Cent.
Went to Hobse’ Mill and found that Thonda, a dwarven lumberjack had gotten a hold of pages that adventurers had burnt at Elder’s Hut
Found Elder and killed him only to find that Thonda had been warped by pages and they had mutated him and were now stuck permanently on him.
Players defeated danger and Yong-Lin was in possession of Pages of the Elder’s Tome.

Persistent Items
- Cent – Vampires are a thing and are acting with someone.
- Yong-Lin – Pages are a thing and are important.

Secure the Pillar
July 18, 2015


Ishmael, The Wizard
Lily Snowhite, The Paladin
Taeros Snowstrider, The Druid
Wheston Karver, The Barbarian

Persistent Elements:


  • The Blood Cult of Kruv does not maintain a hold on The Pillar… for now. (Taeros)


  • Usto has seen the light of Lumotar and seeks to live a righteous life. (Lily)


  • The Blade Lords are still alive beneath the Pillar. (Ishmael)
  • The elemental spirits of the Greybark Forest are associated with animals and emotions. (Wheston)
It Happened on Hump Day
July 15, 2015

Knuckle The Fighter
Humble the thief
Yong Lin

Persistent Elements

  • The Order of Fookers, a cult of ~40 bandits that gathered around the party after their defeat of an evil demigod in their presence. They look to Knuckle and Humble as prophets. (Knuckle)


  • Zhong Mah, a twisted mystic from Yong Lin’s land who dealt in unsettling blood rituals sent Saint Maria (aforementioned demigod) to the Greybark Forest. (Yong Lin)
  • Geoffrey Parray, a bandido-cum-New Prophet, appointed from among the Order of Fookers by Humble to lead the Order in their liturgy. (GM)
  • Tiny, The Bandit Leader, is dead by Ievos’ hand. (GM)


Plot Synopsis:
p. Caravans arriving in Greybark Village have been talking for some time about the disturbing recent trend in banditry on the road from Ironcurl; namely, Tiny and his crew of bandits had gone from simply robbing them, as nature demands, and had started preaching to them instead. In fact, that caravans made it through often plied down with homemade wares, food, and poorly fashioned pamphlets inviting them to some big charismatic revival in the deep woods a couple days hence.

The party didn’t like the sound of this; Knuckle in particular wants to quash this newest cult before it spread. Ievos knew the general area of Tiny’s operations, and led the group down the road to find the newly-right-with-…god(s)? bandit. On the road, Yong Lin noticed Ulfred stalking them from the shadows of the great trees. Ievos beckoned her closer, and asked for information about Tiny’s whereabouts and his unsettling behavior of late.

Ulfred disclaimed any knowledge of his religious turn; she didn’t approve of his god bothering either, and had left the camp when it started. She either knew little, or was unwilling to share, and the group made their way down the road.

Within a few hours’ travel, they found Tiny convincing a merchant to join them while he sent his caravan onward. The party spoke with Tiny who encouraged them to come back to the camp and learn the Truth (you could hear the capital T) from Maria. The heroes joined them in the trip back to the camp. Ievos noted Ulfred shadowing them, and signaled for her to stay distant but to remain watchful.

Arriving at the camp, everything was…peaceful. Everyone had enough to eat. Everyone was clean and healthy. Hundreds of folks, living in communal harmony. It was C-R-E-E-P-Y. The crew mingled around for a bit, until they noticed that Tiny would periodically check into one tent regularly, and would leave looking ecstatically pleased. As he gathered his crew and went back down toward the road, the heroes decided to investigate that tent.

Upon approaching, robed figures moved into position to block them, seeming to appear from nowhere. Knuckle and Humble decided to move through them while Ievos and Yong Lin moved around. As they gathered in front of Knuckle, he started throwing fists at pelvises, and felt a bone crunch. But no gasps of pain, no labored breathing. No reaction beyond a sudden limp.

As Knuckle and Humble dealt with them, Ievos snuck around unnoticed, and cut a hole through the back of the tent. Slipping in to the dark interior, he saw a slight figure in meditation, with its back toward him. He spoke a word of warning as he held his sword at the ready, and she stirred…. Flames erupting from the tent, he was driven out.

A chanting picked up from the tent, and the robed figured went from simply obstructing Knuckle and Humble to trying to rip them apart. They exposed mottled hands with sharp, uneven nails, and began clawing and tearing at the group. Yong Lin abandoned all stealth and returned to the fray, and between them, they began to tear into the ghouls. But they proved hardy, and as they began to tear them down and killed a few, a haunting chant could be heard over the roar of the flames.

With that chant, the ghouls fought on through the worst injuries the heroes could inflict. Sensing the desperate times, Ievos began firing arrows blindly into the tent, spending many to no discernible effect. Humble moved around to join Ievos, as Ievos called on Wyn to join him.

Knuckle broke free of his wild melee, and charged toward the raging inferno. Quickly thinking, he soaked his shirt in ale and pulled it over his face, only to find the steam blinding and choking him as he ran into the supernaturally hot, unholy flames gathered by Maria. concurrently, Ievos and Wyn charged in from the back of the tent, ignoring the flames eating away at their flesh as they launched themselves at the tiny, evil girl. Wyn overshot and landed on Knuckle. Ievos got to Maria, but she quickly flipped him onto his back and leaned into him, speaking “it will all be okay….” and kissing him on the lips while the fires consumed him.

Not one to miss the fun, Humble found a rain barrel and soaked himself thoroughly, then launched himself into the inferno as well. Seeing Maria bearing down on Ievos, Humble ran his rapier through her throat, tearing out chunks of charred flesh and watched the thick, black ichor of her life blood oozing from the wound. She began gesticulating wildly, and the flames began to rise.

Outside, Yong Lin continued her fight. She initially tried to break free, but was brought to the ground. As she pushed them off once more and arose, she heard the chanting stop, and saw the ghouls turn toward the tent, ignoring her. As she cut into them with her crossed pike she found their arcane defenses gone, along with any sense of self preservation they may have once had. She cut them down like wheat as they shuffled toward their goddess.

Knuckle dug out from under the great dire wolf, and saw Maria’s incantations, feeling the fires grow. He charged across the tent, picking the small child up and hurtling them both through the collapsing, burning canvass into the blessed cool, fresh air outside. As they landed and she began to attempt to chant, or speak, or recant, or cry… or whatever… Knuckle punched. And punched. and punched. She spoke no more.

The heroes gathered the bandits-cum-cultists around; they had been unaware of maria’s nature, and quickly turned grateful for the rescue from what would surely have been their doom. Their gratitude quickly fed their cultists flames, and Humble fanned those flames higher and higher until they had pledged themselves to The Order of Fookers. Humble appointed Geoffrey Parray as the first among them, and they in turn tithed significant coin back to Humble, Ievos, and Knuckle, with Yong Lin declining.

On the road leading the hundreds of innocents back to safety, they came across Tiny. He had no clue what had happened, or how closely he had come to leading these people to their doom. Ievos hugged him, and in that hug he buried a short sword through Tiny’s back, killing the would be prophet. The Order of Fookers set upon those bandits loyal to Tiny, formerly their own brothers in arms, and slew them to a man.

Ulfred watched from the shadows….


Everyday Calamity
July 11, 2015 afternoon session

Knuckle The Fighter
Sanguinus Oathbreaker
Yong Lin

Persistent Elements

  • The rat plague is real, man! It appears to be some form of Lycanthropy. (Sanguinus)
  • Lycanthropy is not natural to the Greybark forest, and if it rears its head, there’s something behind it. (Yong Lin)


  • Mathuriel the elf, Walter the halfling, and Seamus the human work at the mill. (Knuckle)
  • The Rat King is loose, last seen fleeing the Greybark Forest. The Great Deity Mahal is interested in seeing his secrets pried from his pointy head. (Tharkun)

Plot Synopsis to follow.


To the Pillar

Dixie the Pixie
Ishmael the Wizard
Lily the Paladin
Lazariel the Barbarian

The heroes were approached by Brilde the bouncer from the Fool and Purse with a mission. She had been handed a note and was passing it on to heroes. A woman named Mary had her husband kidnapped. The heroes took the case.

They went to speak to Mary who thought they were cultists coming to get her too. She tried to escape but the heroes stopped her. She had some sort of scary chilling death powers. After a brief struggle everyone worked out what was going on.

Back in her house Dixie found a shrine to “The Mother of Graves” in her basement which spoke to her. Apparently Mary and her husband Edmund were high-level priests of that god. After breaking Mary’s jars of pickles and vexing her greatly, the heroes embarked on a quest to The Pillar a site of ancient power where Edmund had been taken.

On the way the heroes encountered some poachers in the woods who had captured a Dire Yak. There was a heated exchange and some pamphlets to Lumotar were offered by Lily. The poachers eventually tried to escape, but Lily gave chase, Lazariel and Ishmael cut down the stragglers while Dixie cut the great beast free.

Lily trained some Diretooth Tigers back to camp who seemed more interested in the Yak’s safety than in kiliing the heroes. The cats and the yak escaped into the woods and the heroes got some well needed shut-eye.

In the night Ishmael got a vision of Elondra who told him to get their butts in gear. Tiredly they all left immediately for The Pillar.

When they got to the great broken Greybark tree Lazariel fell into the deep ravine that surrounds the base. Scuffed but undeterred he ventured forth while the others scrambled down. They encountered a terrible Blood Golem there which first engulfed Lily and Ishmael and battered Lazariel around. They overcame the beast while Dixie and Lily convinced a nearby cultist to give up his wicked god in exchange for Lumotar, the just. He agreed and scampered off into the forest.

The heroes made their way into the mighty stump-tower to rescue Edmund. They fought their way up the narrow staircase to a ritual chamber where they were beset by cultist who had been turned into fell vampire spawn and a cultist who seemed responsible. The heroes weren’t faring too well, Dixie was petrified by a spell and the others were gnawed upon by vampires. Finally Ishmael decided to do an impromptu ritual in this chamber and was asked to sacrifice something important in order to save his friends. He chose his leg. He passed out and traveled to the nether realm to present his offering to the blood goddess. She happily took it, but meanwhile, in the real world, Dixie asked Edmund to intervene in the ritual. The goddess Elondra, or The Mother of Graves appeared in Ishmael’s vision and battled the Red Mistress, Kruv. From the heroes perspective the body of Ishmael disappeared.

The heroes returned to Greybark triumphant but saddened that Ishmael had disappeared. They laid his items on the shrine in town and carried on.

Some time later, Ishmael awoke shivering in a field. Legless, but with a story to tell.

Step 3: Forge The Weapon
July 11, 2015 morning session

Humble the thief

Established facts: 
NPC – 

  • The Abomination is either a corrupted Ancient Greybark, or was constructed from one.
  • There is a Poisoners’ Guild operating in Greybark Village, with at least one member: Wine.
  • There is an Ancient Greybark in the deep Forest, about 2 days north of Greybark Village, and Altariel the Nymph either lives in the tree, or is the tree….

Plot Synopsis to follow.


Mischief in Greybark's Underbelly

Sanguinus The Paladin
Dixie The Pixie
Muffle The Thief

In the woods outside Greybark Sanguinus attempted to raise zombies of two knights of his old order. This offended his god and the result was a single stupid zombie named Maximus who seemed to be watching him closely.

Meanwhile, in Greybark, Muffle purchased a cart full of wares and began peddling them while Dixie rode Furgus, her tomcat friend, around. Something spooked the cat and he ran into a warehouse nearby. Dixie gave chase.

Muffle sold some wares to a sketchy looking character but was caught trying to steal from him. A fight broke out and the man was knocked out and his candy stolen. However arrows began to rain down from the surrounding buildings, fired by unseen assassins. Sanguinus dove for cover while Muffle and Dixie worked on getting into the warehouse to save Furgus.

Eventually they all got into the warehouse, after Sanguinus scared away the growing crowd.

Muffle went ahead to scout and found a clandestine meeting in an adjoining room. He introduced himself and tried to get a piece of the action. The action seemed to be silencing the blacksmith because of information he knows about the Greyfarce Syndicate.

Meanwhile, Dixie got bored and snuck off into another room that was hidden by boxes and crates leaving Sanguinus and the zombie alone.

Sanguinus caught the goblin, Doink, coming in through a secret passage with a heavy pack. Sanguinus allowed the goblin into the next room but followed him.

When Sanguinus stormed into the next room he was tripped by Muffle who was trying to impress the criminal’s leader Klina, the wizard. Several scuffles ensued where each side vied for control. Dixie entered the scene with the wand she had found in the basement of the building. She fired it at the criminals gleefully, but was dismayed when it seemed to make them shiny and armoured.

Several more scuffles broke out, some folks got killed, deals were made and promptly broken. The criminals tried to escape and some were stopped. Finally Sanguinus decided that all of this criminality was defying his sensibilities and he arrested everyone.

Muffle found a note after escaping Sanguinus’ ire speaking of the leader of the Syndicate called Greri Maverikk.

Sanguinus deposited the criminals in the town jail.

Dixie rode Furgus into the sunset. (also she stole arm-fulls of candy from a crate)


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