Greybark Adventurers' League - A Dungeon World

Dixie The Pixie
Hubert The Wizard
Sanguinus The Paladin
Taeros Snowstrider The Druid
Wheston Karver The Barbarian

Established facts:
NPC Fergus the Tom Cat in Greybark VIllage, rules the alleys and cellars around the Fool and Purse, and is a friend to Dixie the Pixie.

Titanus, the Albus Templar and former mentor of Sanguinus, is dead by Sanguinus’ hand. A templar lived to see it done and tell the tale.

Deities – Elondra has noticed the Red Mistress and the Red Mistress has noticed Elondra.

Location: The Tranquil Glade was one of many Sacrificial Sites for the Karvers throughout the Greybark Forest.

The Tranquil Glade was desecrated by dark powers, but has been reclaimed for the spirits of the North by Taeros Snowstrider

Plot Synopsis
p. The party set out to find the Suicide Glade, listed as The Tranquil Glade, to claim a boon promised to Hubert by the spirits therein. He needed bodies, and Sanguinus was able to lure the Albus Knights after them. Taeros joined along to see the glade and learn what he could of it. Dixie and Wheston were suffering from cabin fever and needed to find something to push back the boredom.

The glade was a charred ruin, soot and ash covering the field and the cabin was nothing but a rubble heap collapsed in on its foundation. Upon seeing the glade through the eyes of an owl, Taeros saw the land littered with the corpses of spirit ravens, blending into the ash fall.

As Dixie and Wheston searched the lake, Sanguinus investigated the graves, and Hubert watched them poke around. After teaching a trout not to strike at pixies, Dixie and Wheston were set upon by chuul. Sanguinus rushed to their aid, as did Taeros,, while Hubert went about the raising of the dead elves left behind by a previous group.

While fending off the chuul, the Allbus Templars arrived, led by Titanus, Sanguinus’ mentor. Titanus challenged him, and Sanguinus rushed to meet him in single combat, leaving Taeros alone with the chuul at the shore’s edge. Hubert had an elven child raised, and sent him loping into the chuul, to lead them toward the templars.

Dixie mounted a chuul, riding it out of harms way, and where it could not harm Wheston. At the far shore, she mesmerized it and, with brief experimentation, lucked upon a series of clicks and whistles that drove it to flee into the depths. She returned to Wheston, who had just dispatched one monster, and prevailed upon his mercy; she drove away the final chuul standing against him. Wheston rushed to engage the templars, who remained behind to watch their leader punish Sanguinus before his execution.

Hubert reanimated the boy’s sister, her corpse leapt to its feet and glanced questions at him while the death mole scampered about her. Hubert directed her toward the templars, and turned to the remaining corpse; their mother. His rite was initially unsuccessful, however, and Eron the Elven hunter rose behind him, unleashing an arrow in fury at watching the further disturbance of his wife and children. Hubert was not the enemy Eron expected, and when Hubert offered him the death mole, Squiggee, Eron was perplexed. Moments later, his soul was drawn into the fiendish rodent, and his body collapsed once more.

Taeros found himself alone against two chuul, and they began to drag him into the depths. Knowing his end was near, he summoned the spirits into him, and through his totem, and drove it into the murky lake bottom, calling to mind the rituals his shamans used to cleanse the lands up north. A while plume billowed through the totem, and as it bubbled to the lake’s surface, great rings of smoke burst free.

While Taeros was in desparate combat against two chuul, the elven child lured one toward Sanguinus’ desperate battle with Titanus. The master had the student on his ass and unarmed, and was taunting his failures; and then the elven boy child attacked. The chuul grabbed his shield and tried to pry it free, while the boy leapt at him, tying up his arm. Sanguinus slid inside his guard and drew his blade along the old man’s throat and dropping him into the grass.

Wheston bellowed out his challenge to the templars, and was met with scorn. But the final elven child, an adolescent girl, leapt upon one and dragged him from his saddle, drawing all their attention to his struggle. Wheston took advantage of their distraction and stole one’s horse, knocking him from the saddle. Wheston rode him down with his own horse.

Dixie flew to Taeros’ aide, almost giving her own life in her desperate attempt to drive the chuul away to safety. While grasped in its claws, she chittered her best mimcry of the sounds that had seemed to have such great affect. In her chittering, Taeros came to understand the chuuls’ reaction, as Dixie imitated the scratchings of a parasitic mite that burrowed into crustaceans up north. Taeros guided her and together they scared off the remaining foes, leaving them alive and unsated..

Taeros took up his totem, and went about the cleansing of the glade. Meanwhile Hubert released the elves and demanded his due from the spirits that had promised him a boon. A cold wind swept across the glade, and his pack burst aflame. He threw it to the ground, beating out the flames, and reiterated his demand. After a pregnant silence, Titanus’ corpse arose and approached, an offering from the spirits of the glade.

Sanguinus would not be denied his vengeance, and took Titanus’ head cleanly from his corpse, letting it fall in the grass. As it continued to work its jaw, Sanguinus walked off, leaving the mad old necromancer to his magics.

Hbert fed Titanus’ soul to the death mole, packed up his bags, and wandered north toward Greybark Village.

Taeros had seen enough…. "Soul thief,,,,: he looked once more over the glade, now bathed in the billowing white plumes of his purifying smoke, and headed after his companions.


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