Diretooth Tigers


The diretooth tiger is an incredible beast. Unlike a tiger, the diretooth often hunts in a small pack, usually a male and several mating females, they range through their territory in search of prey, as you would expect.

They display an intriguing cunning, and a willingness to work in larger packs to challenge threats that enter their territory, or their neighbors’.

Almost a man’s height at the shoulder, and greater than twice that in length, these ferocious creatures move quietly for their bulk, slinking though shadows and underbrush to spring upon their prey unawares. And when they do spring, it’s just so the prey doesn’t notice those coming from either side!

Their paws are huge, and claws sharp. But those are just to soften you up for the twelve-inch sabres-for-fangs. They use these to pin, to puncture, and to prise their pray open.

Diretooth Tigers

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