Sun Tai

Was part of a pack of Diretooth Tigers that prowled the plains of Graybark to take down Humans who had threatened the balance of nature. One particular group of bad humans made these cats want to take down any human who showed any threat to nature or trespassed into the plains and forest.

This was how he met Yong Lin, one such Human who traveled with a group of her own. He was young and wanted no part of the battle because he saw how intimidating she was along with the Ranger with that Dire Wolf.

He was stricken with fear and fled the field of battle. The group trailed him unbeknownst to him as he left a blood trail from the wound on his leg. When they arrived there at his hiding spot in an alcove, he was unsure what they would do. However while under the weight of fear toward the Wolf, the Ranger made a bargain with him to not hunt Humans any longer.

That was when he decided to tell them about the evil Humans who disturbed nature and turned people to stone and had strange beasts under their employ that messed with his mind. Yong Lin made him a proposal he couldn’t really refuse, seeing her predatorial visage and covered in the blood of his kin. Plus she said she would help him in defeating this fear against those evil beings. How could he refuse?

But he gave a proposal of his own. He would accompany her for thirty moons to see if she would keep her end of the bargain and show him how strong she really was and if she could truly help him.

Quality +1 2 Tags (Woodwise, Stealthy)
Moves – Stalk Prey, Play with Prey
Instinct – Give in to Temptation (Hunger/Play with Prey)
Loyalty +1
Cost – Glory (Defeating Foes: Specific – Humans or Unnatural Forces at work in Greybark)
HP 12, Armor 1
Damage – Best of 2D6, 1 Pierce

Sun Tai

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